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UK-NATO LAUNCH WAR GAMES : . . . on Russia's doorstep !!!

EUROPE - Britain & Nato have launched their biggest war games on Russia's doorstep amid growing tensions over Vladimir Putin's military aggression. The largest ever Nato anti-submarine exercise, including the Royal Navy, is under way off the coast of Norway just weeks after reports of Russian submarines encroaching in to foreign waters. At the same time British troops are taking part in the biggest military exercise seen in Estonia since the Baltic nation regained its independence more than two decades ago. The war games come as tensions grow with Russia over Ukraine crisis & fears that the Baltic nations could be next in President Putin’s sights. The commander of the Nato manoeuvres said recent incidents by the Russian military were a “ cause of concern ” & added “ relevance to the exercise ”. At least 18 ships & submarines are taking part in Operation Dynamic Mongoose which involves 10 Nato members & Sweden.

NEWS REPORT : Daily Telegraph

PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Europe can of course see what is coming & is desperately trying to show Russia they are a match as they put on their own biggest war games. But while Russia has been building up its forces , Europe has reduced theirs. The tension is growing. Last month , Latvia said it had detected a Russian submarine near its water & last week Finland fired depth charges at an unidentified submarine along its coast. Russian aircraft have also repeatedly approached & violated Nordic & Baltic airspace in recent months , challenging air defences & triggering allied responses. The division between East & West legs of the ancient Roman Empire continue to exist as the Bible said they would. The legs never come together they remain divided. The east became the military half while the west embraced democracy.

REVELATION 16 v 13 - And I saw three ' unclean spirits ' like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon ( Russia ) & out of the mouth of the beast ( Europe ) & out of the mouth of the false prophet ( Vatican / Papacy ).

The ' 3 SPIRITS ' began in the French Revolution -- ' Liberty , Equality, Fraternity '.

Liberty / Freedom / democracy -- came out of Europe.

Equality / communism -- came out of Russia.

Fraternity / brotherhood -- came out of the Vatican . . . . But all were lies & falsehoods !!!

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