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RUSSIAN FORCES MOVING IN : Tanks, fighters enter Ukraine

EAST UKRAINE - 22 Russian tanks crossed into Ukraine’s separatist-held eastern territories over the weekend, as pro-Moscow forces continue to seep into Ukraine’s war-stricken Donetsk & Luhansk regions, Donetsk’s local pro-government officials report. In a statement published on Donetsk’s regional government website, the deputy head of Ukraine’s anti-separatist military operations in Donetsk & Luhansk Valentin Fechev, condemned the “ cynical lies ” of pro-Russian fighters who have accused Ukraine of violating the ceasefire between the two sides , & instead gave a recent recap of Russian violations. Fechev told the regional government website that 22 tanks had crossed from Russia via the border town of Gukovo, into Ukraine’s Luhansk region, heading toward the city of Sverdlovsk for maintenance.


PROPHECY INSIGHTS - Although Ukraine has come off headline news the issues remain. Russia continues to send in troops and tanks which means at some point the conflict will flare up again. Russian tanks & soldiers have been “ decisive ” in winning key battles against government troops in eastern Ukraine, the commander of a separatist “ special forces ” detachment has admitted. The Kremlin denies sending men and military vehicles to fight in Ukraine, but Dmitry Sapozhnikov told the BBC this week that regular army units sent from Russia & commanded by Russian officers were key in seizing the strategic town of Debaltseve in February. “ All operations, especially large-scale ones, are led by Russian officers, by Russian generals,” he said. This isn’t news. The world has known Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine. It’s just amazing the Putin would blatantly lie saying that Russia hadn’t. But the Bible says that Russia would have a ' deceptive ' leader….

DANIEL 8 v 25 NKJV - Through ' his cunning ' he shall cause ' deceit ' to prosper under his rule ; And he shall ' exalt himself ' in his heart. He shall ' destroy many ' in their prosperity. He shall even rise against the ' Prince of princes ' . . .

But he shall be ' broken without human means '

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