MEGAQUAKE - CRISIS IN NEPAL : Real cause of this epic disaster

April 28, 2015

NEPAL  -  When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake roared through this Himalayan nation on Saturday April 25 , leaving an estimated 7,500 dead & more than 11,000 injured, shrines & temples were sent crashing to the ground, many of them centuries old & irreplaceable cultural treasures.  According to the United Nations, 600,000 houses have been destroyed or damaged & 2 million Nepalese will need tents, water, food & medicine.  Many here say they will also need God, regardless of what happened to the temples, shrines & churches.  About 80 percent of Nepalese are Hindu, making Nepal the second-largest Hindu nation outside of India, with about 2 percent of the global total.  Most Hindus believe in a kind of fatalism, & many here seemed unrattled by the quake as a test of faith, even as their temples & shrines were flattened.



PROPHECY INSIGHTS  -  Do not think for one minute that earthquakes are random events with no connection to a supernatural God.  God’s hand is behind this earthquake & when we look we can see His fingerprints.  Nepal is famous as the world's only Hindu Kingdom.  Hindu’s worship many false gods.  Hence the many temples & shrines in the country.  One landmark destroyed in the earthquake was the tallest building in Nepal called The Dharahara Tower.  At the top of the tower was a statue of the god Shiva.  This god is also known as Mahadeva ( ”The Great God" )  &  is one of the main deities of Hinduism.  He is the supreme god within Shaivism a main branch of Hinduism.  All the way through the Bible we are told that God hates ' false gods '. Throughout the Bible earthquakes represent God’s judgement.  We see here a warning from God that all false gods will soon be removed . . .


ISAIAH 45 v 20-22  -  Assemble yourselves & come ;  draw near together,  ye that are escaped of the nations :  they have ' no knowledge ' that set up the wood of their ' graven image '  &  pray unto ' a god ' that cannot save.  Look unto me  &  be ye saved ,  all the ends of the earth :  for I am God  &  there is none else.


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