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As New Year dawns ... The world awaits Putin's next move

This is indeed the vital question for 2015. What will Putin do next? Russia is isolated from the western world. It is still embroiled in a proxy war with Ukraine. It has massive economic issues due to sanctions and the drop in oil price. Bible Prophecy tells us two clear things about Gog (Putin).


Firstly God puts hooks in his jaws to bring him down to take a spoil from Israel. He is literally unable to resist the “ pull ” of the riches (quite possibly the recent gas finds Israel has made) he sees there. So there is a pull by God using the spoil. But we also read of a push in Daniel 11 v 40. The push is from the king of the south ie America and Britain. The push is a provocation – possible a military provocation. We are seeing this happen as well. America is pushing Russia into a corner with sanctions and possibly helping drive down the oil price. 2015 may well see Putin make more moves – SOUTH…

Ezekiel 38v2 - And I will turn thee back & put hooks into thy jaws & I will bring thee forth, & all thine army, horses & horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers & shields , all of them handling swords:

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