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' New Jerusalem '


At  THAT time  they shall call  Jerusalem


all the nations  shall be gathered unto it

to the name of the LORD ,  to Jerusalem

Jeremiah 3 v 17

IN THAT DAY , saith the LORD ,  will I assemble  her  that halteth [ Israel ]

I will gather her that is driven out  &  her  that I have afflicted  [ Israel ]

&  I will make  her  that halted ,  a remnant   &  her  that was cast far off ,  a strong nation 

&  the  LORD shall reign over them  in  Mount Zion  from henceforth ,  even  FOR EVER
&  . . .   THE KINGDOM  shall  come to  the daughter of  JERUSALEM  Micah 4 v 6 - 8

Behold , I will take the children of  ISRAEL  from  among the heathen , whither they be gone

will gather them  on every side  &  bring them  into their own land
&  I will make them  one nation  in the land  upon  the mountains  of  ISRAEL

one king  [ Christ ]  shall be  king to them all   &  they shall be  no more  two nations

    neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all  Ezekiel  37 v 21 - 22

And it shall come to pass , that  whosoever  shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered 

for  in Mount Zion  &  in Jerusalem  shall be  deliverance , as the LORD hath said 

&  in the remnant whom the LORD shall call  Joel 2 v 32


​Because of  thy temple  at  Jerusalem  shall kings bring presents unto thee.
Rebuke the company of spearmen , the multitude of the bulls , with the calves of the people ,

till  every one  submit himself  with pieces of silver : scatter thou the people that delight in war  Psalm 68 v 29 - 30

​All they that despised  thee  [ Jerusalem ]  shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet;

&  they shall call  theeThe city  of  the LORDThe Zion of  the Holy One of Israel     Isaiah 60 v14


Beautiful for situation , the joy of the whole earth , is Mount Zion ,

on the sides of the north ,  the city  of  the great King  Psalm 48 v 2

The kings of  Tarshish [ Britain ]  &  of  the isles  shall bring presents :

the kings of  Sheba  &  Seba  [ Saudi Arabia ]  shall offer gifts
Yea ,  ALL KINGS  shall  fall down before him

ALL NATIONS  shall serve him   -   Psalm 72 v 10 - 11


Rejoice greatly , O daughter  of  ZION ;  shout , O daughter of  JERUSALEM :

behold ,  thy King cometh  unto thee :   He is just  &   having salvation ;

lowly  &  riding upon an ass ,  &  upon a colt the foal of an ass.
&  I  will cut off the chariot from  Ephraim  &  the horse from 

&  the battle bow shall be cut off   &  He shall speak peace  unto  the heathen [ nations ]

His dominion  shall be from  sea even to sea  &  from the river  even to the ends of the earth   -   Zechariah 9 v 9 - 10

And  ' THE CITY '  had  no need of the sun ,  neither of the moon ,  to shine in it 

for  the  glory of God  did lighten it   &   the Lamb  [ Christ ]  is the light thereof.
&   the  nations  of them  which are saved  shall walk in the light of it

&   the  kings of the earth  do bring their glory  &  honour into it  [ Jerusalem ]
&   the  gates of  it 
[ Jerusalem ]  shall not be shut at all by day : for there shall be no night there
&   they shall bring the glory  &  honour  of the nations  into it 
[ Jerusalem ]   -   Revelation 21 v 23 - 26

Jerusalem  - Future Capital of the World
Jerusalem - Ancient Throne of King David
Jerusalem - Coming Throne of the Lord Jesus Christ
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