BIBLE PROPHECY  . . .  2014  in Review

  M A R C H

March 25 , 2014


Why is Vladimir Putin so unrepentant ?!?  Since invading Crimea , Russia's stock markets ,  the ' Rouble '  &  foreign investment have been hammered , weakening an already fragile economy.  International sanctions layered on top  &  suspension from the G8 have only drawn ridicule  &  scorn from Putin.  So , as Russia faces increasing isolation  &  potential economic disaster , how is it Vladimir Putin remains so unbowed & defiant ??  Putin devised his plans long ago  to return Russia to a ' military super-power ' announcing in 2012 a $772 Billion expansion of Russia's military ( incl. 2,300 tanks & 78 new warships ) .  Now in 2014 ,  sensing Western weakness , Russia is aggressively reclaiming its former Soviet territories . . . but It will ' not end ' with the Baltic states !!  Bible Prophecy 2,500 yrs ago foretold  ' economic necessity '  will be the hook that  God Himself  will use to drag Russia into the Middle East to invade  &  plunder the riches of many nations , most notably  Egypt  &  IsraelThe end of  all things  is nigh at hand.


Ezek 38v3-8  -  Behold , I am against thee O Gog , chief prince of Meshech & TubalI will turn thee back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army ... even a great company , all of them handling swords , all of them with shield & helmet


Dan 11v40-43 - At the time of the end ... he shall enter into the countries  &  shall overflow & pass over.  He shall enter also into the glorious land ( Israel )  &  many countries shall be overthrownHe shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries  &  the land of Egypt shall not escape.  But he shall have power over the treasures of gold & of silver  &  over all the precious things of Egypt

March 20 , 2014


For almost two weeks , the world has been ' transfixed ' by the bewildering  &  tragic events surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370.  Quite possibly , the greatest international mystery in living memory , this mystifyng event has commanded saturation media coverage , not seen since the 9/11 attacks .  So , ' what further danger ' could possibly come from this terrible human tragedy ??  The danger lays within the ' media frenzy '  that has surrounded Flight 370. 


In 2014 , seismic events are taking shape that threaten to set the world on fire ,  yet media coverage of these events has been limited due to the suffocating nature of the Flight 370 media blitz.  While significant air-time has been given to the international crisis over Russia's lawless annexation of Crimea  &  the feeble response by the Western allies ,  more obscured  has been the troubling nature of the ' nuclear talks ' between Iran  &  the P5+1 :   the deteriorating  Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks ;  the escalating violence  &  chaos in  Syria ,  in Iraq ,  in Libya ,  in Lebanon ,  in Turkey  &  in Egypt's Sinai ;  all threaten to turn the region into a fireball of conflict.  Beyond these geopolitical crises , fears are growing concerning the world's two largest economies  -  USA & China  -  with emerging data indicating catastrophic melt-downs may be on the horizon.  Is it  just a ' bizarre co-incidence ' all these climaxing scenarios come on the ' 100 th anniversary '  of the 1914 Great War ??   While the mystery of Flight 370 is compelling , it is nevertheless blinding people to emerging events ( foretold in God's Word ) that will soon overwhelm all mankind.

March 16 , 2014


The latter-day Russian juggernaut is underway.  As the world watches nervously as Vladimir Putin menacingly swallows up Crimea Western leaders stand-by like spectators too fearful to offer any meaningful resistance other than hollow protests & limp sanctions.  With the spineless Western response , Putin knows the region is now his oyster . . . so the question is ' who is next ' ??  Evidence is growing , Putin is positioning his forces in readiness to push into East Ukraine  &  take possession of its lucrative resources &  extensive infrastructure.  Many , geopolitical experts also fear other Baltic states  Latvia , Estonia  &  Lithuania may be in Putin's sights.  But could Vladimir Putin ' blind-side ' the West  &  move south against Turkey ??   God's Word is very clear . . . when Russia invades the Middle East , Turkey will be a part of Russia's latter-day confederacy.   Geographically & strategically  -  Turkey is Russia's ' gateway ' to the Middle East.   With Turkey recently descending into political & social chaos , could Putin engineer a geo-political masterstroke , with a military / political intervention in an increasingly unstable Turkey  &  secure his ( prophesied ) path to the alluring riches of the Middle East ??    Whether now - or - down the track . . . these events will come !!!


Ezek 38v3-8  -  I am against thee O Gog , the chief prince of Meshech & Tubal :  I will turn thee back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army , even a great company Persia (Iran) , Ethiopia  &  Libya with them, Gomer  &  all his bands ; the house of Togarmah ( TURKEY ) of the north quarters  &  all his bands  &  many people with thee.  Be thou prepared  &  prepare for thyself , thou & all thy company that are assembled unto thee  &  be thou a guard unto them.  After many days thou shalt be visited, in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is  brought back from the sword  &  is gathered out of many people , against the mountains of Israel

March 8 , 2014


Israeli commando's seizure of a ' Gaza-bound ' vessel packed with smuggled Iranian weaponry  -  including 40 ' advanced ' M-302 missiles , 181 mortar shells  &  400,000 bullets  -  should have shocked the world.  It did not.  Few nations even condemned the illicit haul , prompting Israeli PM Netanyahu to blast western leaders for turning a blind eye to Iran's sinister activities.  Meanwhile any building development in the West Bank by Israel continues to invoke immediate & severe condemnation by the international community.  As Iran continues to finance  &  smuggle weapons to multiple terror groups encircling Israel , this frightening weapons seizure exposes the facade of Iran's ' Peace Talks ' with the West  &  warns of  ' dark events ' soon to befall the nation of Israel.


Psalm 83v2-7  -  Thine enemies make a tumult  &  they that hate thee have lifted up the head.  They have taken crafty counsel against thy people ( Israel )  &  consulted against thy hidden ones.  They have said, Come & let us cut them off from being a nation  that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  For they have consulted together with one consent : they are confederate against thee.  The tabernacles of Edom ( Arabs )  &  the Ishmaelites ( Arabs ) of Moab ( Jordan )  &  the Hagarenes ( Egypt ) Gebal ( Lebanon )  &  Ammon (Jordan)  & Amalek ( Jordan )  the Philistines ( Palestinians ) with the inhabitants of Tyre ( Lebanon )


March 7 , 2014


As the US-led  Mid-East Peace Process  nears the end of its scheduled 9 month term , Mr Netanyahu under intense pressure from the U.S , world leaders  &  a growing international agenda of  Boycott , Divestment & Sanctions  against Israel , has conceded he is prepared to give up significant tracts of the West Bank ( incl. Jewish settlements ) to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.   However the ' sticking point ' remains  Jerusalem.  Palestinians refuse to accept any deal that does not include half the Holy City.  Israel's Govt. has resisted any such concession , but will Israel buckle under immense international pressure ??   The stage is set  as Jerusalem becomes a global controversy  &  all nations will soon gather round her . . . to battle.  Exactly as the Bible foretold.


Zechariah 12v2-9  -  Behold ,  I will make  Jerusalem  ' a cup of trembling '  unto all the people round about , when they shall be in the siege both against Judah  &  against JerusalemIn THAT day  will I make  Jerusalem  a ' burdensome stone '  for all people :  all that burden themselves with IT shall be cut in pieces ,  though  all the people of the earth  be gathered together against it.  And it shall come to pass  in THAT day  that  I will seek to destroy  all the nations  that come against Jerusalem.

March 5 , 2014

VLADIMIR PUTIN --- 2014 ' NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ' NOMINEE . . . ( Really ?!?!? )

Quite amazing !!   Among the most  brutal & ruthless dictators on the planet ,  Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin  has been officially named as a ' nominee ' for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.  All this despite Putin being widely recognised as : 1)  not only ignoring the Syrian Govt's atrocities against its people but also supplying the murderous Assad Govt with over $1 Billion in weapons in 2013  & 2) supporting  &  protecting the world's largest state-sponsor of terrorism , Iran.  Incredibly , even Putin's recent lawless invasion of Ukraine , has not disqualified him from being eligible for this global peace prize.  Written over 2,500 yrs ago , God's Word clearly foretold this coming world dictator would use a cloak  ' of peace ' as a means of achieving his ambition  &  " destroying many ".


Daniel 8v23 - In the latter time ... a king  of  fierce countenance  understanding dark sentences , shall stand up  &  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully  &  shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy the mighty ( USA ? ) &  the holy people ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  &  BY PEACE  shall destroy many  :  he shall also stand up against the  Prince of princes ( Christ ) but he shall be broken  without hand

March 3 , 2014


Bible Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes , as we witness ' the beginnings ' of the final empire of man.  As Vladimir Putin seizes control of the Ukraine ,  the US  &  EU idly watch , offering only feeble  &  ineffective protests.  Obama's US is disinterested  &  the EU is toothless because Russia has a stranglehold over most of her critical gas supply.  Already , the EU's powerhouse Germany ( which relies on Russia for 40% of it's gas )  has refused to consider ' any ' sanctions against Russia , despite its lawless invasion of Ukraine.  Even  Britain  has  backed away  from trade  &  financial sector sanctions ,  fearing  financial  &  property markets could plunge.  With this crippling leverage , an emboldened Putin  ( latter-day Russian ' Gog ' )  in the days ahead will sweep all before him as he welds together a Russian-Euro-Iranian alliance.  God's Word foretells unmistakably , Russia's Confederacy  will soon sweep into the Mid-East , invading many nations ( incl. Iraq ) en-route to the Holy Land ( Israel ) before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ


**  Please view our VIDEO on ' Putin-Russia '  &  see in exact detail Russia's shocking ' future moves ' clearly revealed in Bible Prophecy


Jeremiah 50v41-44  -  Behold , a people shall come  from the north , a great nation ( Russia )  &  many kings ( Iran & Euro nations ) shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.  They shall hold  the bow  &  the lance :  they are cruel  &  will not shew mercy :  their voice shall roar like the sea  &  they shall ride upon horses ,  every one put in array ,  like a man to the battle ,  against thee ,  O daughter of Babylon ( Iraq ).  The king of Babylon ( Iraq ) hath heard the report of them  &  his hands waxed feeble :  anguish took hold of him  &  pangs as of a woman in travail.  Behold , he ( Russian Gog )  shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan ( River ) unto the habitation of the strong ( Israel ) :  but I will make them ( Russia & Euro nations ) suddenly run away from her ( Israel ) :  &  who is a chosen man ( . . . Christ )  that I may appoint over her ?  for who is like me ? ( . . . Christ )  &  who will appoint me the time ?  &  who is that shepherd ( . . . Christ )  that will stand before me ?

February 25 , 2014


Despite a policy of non-involvement in the neighbouring Syrian War , on Feb 24 Israel made a rare ( & possibly fateful ) incursion into the conflict deploying 2 fighter jets into Syrian-Lebanese territory to destroy Russian-made SS-21 missile installations.  Israel had little choice.  With the raging Syrian conflict , the Syrian-Lebanon border has become a major corridor for lethal weapons , munitions  &  smuggling networks between Hezbollah & the Syrian military.  Increasingly , the border is a busy hive of legions of international Shiite mercenaries , arriving in ever larger numbers from outside the region.  Hezbollah has opened European recruiting centers for the Syrian war effort in Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania & Kosovo.  With these growing threats to the north , Israel is on a constant state of alert.  Israel's strike on Hezbollah's missiles keeps with its policy of pre-emptive action but has drawn immediate threats of retaliation from Syria & Hezbollah.  As Assad's regime continue to pound rebel forces  &  gain the upper hand , will this air-strike be a catalyst for the coming  Syrian-Palestinian war  against Israel  foretold in Isaiah 9  ??


Isaiah 9v12-16  - The  SYRIANS  before  &  the Philistines ( Palestinians ) behind ;  they shall devour Israel with open mouth.  For all this his anger ( God's ) is not turned away , but his hand is stretched out still.  For the people ( Jews ) turneth not unto him that smiteth them , neither do they seek the LORD of hosts.  Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head & tail , branch & rush , in one day . . .  For the leaders of this people ( Israel ) cause them to err  &  they that are led of them are destroyed.

February 18 , 2014


The streets of Kiev are a blood-soaked war-zone.  Ukraine is now a geopolitical fault line btwn  East vs. West  that could explode into anarchy.  The chaos is the culmination of  Vladimir Putin's  threats  &  financial enticements to rein-in this former Soviet-state , which is the ' crown jewel ' in his plan to rebuild the 'Greater Russia' of former times.  While luring the debt ridden state with $15+ Billion financial aid , Putin's ever-present threat to cut off all Ukraine's gas supplies  ( &  freeze the state into subjugation ) remains.  A tenuous truce has momentarily halted the bloodshed , but Ukraine's economy is in tatters , with a run on banks  & ATM's by its panicked citizens  &  ratings agencies predicting it will default on its debt within 12mths , Russia's noose will only tighten on Kiev.  As he strives against the West , Putin will not relent.  He will continue to build his ' latter-day ' confederacy  &  prepare for his final descent into the Middle East  ( as fore-told in Bible ProphecyNow we await ' the formation ' of the Russian ~ Catholic EU alliance.


Ezek 38v3-8  -  Behold , I am against thee O Gog , the chief prince of Meshech & Tubal : I will turn thee back & put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth  &  all thine army ... even a great company Persia, Ethiopia  &  Libya with them, Gomer  &  all his bands ;  the house of Togarmah of the north quarters  &  all his bands  &  many people with thee.  Be thou prepared  &  prepare for thyself , thou & all thy company that are assembled unto thee  &  be thou ' a guard ' unto them.  After many days thou shalt be visited, in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is  brought back from the sword  &  is gathered out of many people , against the mountains of Israel

February 12 , 2014


Yet another sign !!!   In scripture  the earth opening up  &  swallowing people ( or objects )  is a symbol of  ' divine judgment '  of the wicked & ungodly.   So just  ' what are the chances '  in a vast nation the size of the United States of America ,  a ' freak ' sinkhole opens up right under  the U.S ' National ' Corvette Museum  dedicated to arguably the most revered & idolised ' muscle car ' on the planet ?? In an age when mankind is consumed by ' materialism '  &  the worship of ' the work of man's hands ' ( almost to the total exclusion of God )  was this a message from above ,  warning of ' coming judgment ' on mankind  &  his materialistic idolatry ??  Eight rare Corvette sportscars were devoured by the 40 ft sinkhole.  Interestingly , in the Bible record the number ' 8 ' represents ' change -or- a new beginning '.  Could this disaster at the ' altar of man's worship ' signal God's judgment  &  his coming kingdom


Num 16v30 - But if the LORD make a new thing  &  the earth open her mouth  &  swallow them up , with all that appertain unto them , &  they go down quick into the pit ;  then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.


Deut 11 v 6-9 :  . . . how the earth opened her mouth  &  swallowed them up  &  their households  &  their tents  &  all the substance that was in their possession , in the midst of all Israel :  But your eyes have seen all the great acts of the LORD which he did. Therefore shall ye keep all the commandments which I command you this day , that ye may be strong  &  go in  &  possess ' the land ' ( God'sKingdom ) ,  whither ye go to possess it.

February 11 , 2014


 A Peace Tsunami ??  Just in recent days ,  a  flood of nations  have suddenly begun engaging in  ' Peace Talks '  with long-standing enemies  -  in many cases  setting aside ' decades ' of hostility.   With the on-again / off-again Israel-Palestinian ' Peace negotiations ' in advanced stages  &  the UN-sponsored  Syrian Peace Conference  grinding away ,  other protagonists such as  China  &  Taiwan  /  North Korea  &  South Korea  /  Greek  &  Turkish Cypriots  /  South Sudan Govt  &  rebels  &  even bitter Palestinian rival factions  Hamas  &  Fatah  -  have all inexplicably launched into their own regional ' Peace Talks '.   As these various nations & peoples rush to seek ' peace '  we know their efforts will fail.   God's Word is clearthis ' rush ' to secure peace is a prophetic  latter-day ' sign '  warning  of coming war & chaos ,  invoking  the Almighty's  judgment on the nations.


1Thess 5v1-6  -  But of the times & the seasons , brethren , ye have no need that I write unto you.  For yourselves know ' perfectly that  ' the day of the Lordso cometh as a thief in the night.   For when they shall  say  ' PEACE  &  SAFETY ' . . .  then ' sudden destruction ' cometh upon them ,  as travail upon a woman with child  &  they shall not escape.   But ye ,  brethren ,  are not in darkness that ' that day ' should overtake you as a thief . . . Therefore let us not sleep , as do others ; but let us watch & be sober

February 7 , 2014


The most  ' expensive '  Olympics in history . . . BY FAR !!!  An astonishing $51 Billion has been spent on the Sochi Games - more than 4 times any previous Olympic event.  Its a colossal statement of personal ( & national ) pride by Vladimir Putin to the world saying " Russia is back !!But it's a false facade the nation cannot afford.  Putin - already one of the wealthiest men on the planet , is profiting personally on a massive scale from Sochi's giant contract works from corrupt kickbacks.  More seriously , Russia's economy is tanking , with a 2012 GDP rate of 3.2% this collapsed by over 50% in 2013 to just 1.5% ,  while corruption is rampant in both govt & business  &  unrest & strife is widespread in the northern caucuses.  Russia's only lifeline is it's near total reliance on it's struggling oil & gas exports  &  why very soon a desparate ( but ' emboldened ' ) Putin will seek  ' a spoil in the Mid-East


Daniel 8v23 - In the latter time , a king of  fierce countenance , understanding dark sentences ( ex-KGB Chief ) shall stand up  &  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully  &  shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy the mighty  &  the holy people ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  &  by peace  shall destroy many :  he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes ( Christ ) but he shall be broken  without hand

February 3 , 2014


Global investors are fleeing the markets in 2014.  With  January  the ' worst ' single month since 2009 , world markets continue to slide as fears grow of a looming perfect storm.  Markets are being swamped by troubling economic data  slow-downs in the US , China  &  emerging markets ,  low corporate earnings  &  exploding government debt ,  forewarn of an approaching world-wide financial crisis  -  which world leaders are ' powerless ' to stop.  More worrying , US stocks are bizarrely mirroring almost identical movements as the market just before the cataclysmic 1929 Crash , which preceded ' the Great Depression '.   To see for yourself  just ' CLICK ' on the 1929-2014 chart.   God's Word is sure  &  it describes this coming global chaos  &  even explains  why !!!


Isaiah 24 v1-6  -  ​​​​​The LORD maketh  THE EARTH  empty  &  maketh it waste  &  turneth it upside down  &  scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.   It shall be . . . as with the people , so with the priest ;  as with the servant , so with his master ;  as with the maid , so with her mistress ;  as with the buyer , so with the seller ; as with the lender , so with the borroweras with the taker of usury , so with the giver of usury to him.   The land shall be utterly emptied & utterly spoiled :  for the LORD hath spoken this word.  THE EARTH  mourneth & fadeth awayTHE WORLD  languisheth & fadeth away ,  the ' haughty ' people of the earth do languish.  THE EARTH  also is defiled  under the inhabitants thereof ;  because . . .  they have  transgressed the lawschanged the ordinancebroken the everlasting covenant.   Therefore hath ' THE CURSE ' [ nuclear war ] devoured the earth  &  they that dwell therein are desolate :  therefore the ' inhabitants of the earth ' are  BURNED  [ nuclear war ]  &  few men left

January 28 , 2014


 In less than 12 mths , Pope Francis has ' taken the world by storm '.  Unlike any Papal predecessor, Francis has literally become a global ' Rock Star '.  Recently named  Time Magazine's 2013 Person of the Year ,  this week he became the first -ever Pope to be featured on the cover of  the iconic music magazine ' Rolling Stone '.  Add to this ,  the Pontiff has even ascended to ' Super-Hero ' status as ' Super Pope ' graffiti has appeared on the streets of the Vatican.  The mural of this  fist-pumping ' white-caped crusader ' was actually approved by the  Vatican , which even ' tweeted out ' a photo.  It is ' a sign ' of the global popularity  &  increasing political influence this False Prophet will soon wield ,  as world leaders  &  the nations are deceived by this apostate Man of Sin.


2Thess 2v3-11  -  Let no man deceive you by any means :  for that day shall not come ,  except there come a falling away first  &  that  man of sin be revealed ,  the son of perdition ;  Who opposeth  &  exalteth himself  above all that is called God  or  that is worshipped ; so that  he  as God  sitteth in the temple of God , shewing himself that he is God.  Remember ye not ,  that , when I was yet with you ,  I told you these things ? . . . For the  mystery of iniquity  doth already work :  only  he  who now letteth will let ,  until  he  be taken out of the way.  Then shall  that wicked  be revealed ,  whom  the Lord shall consume  with the spirit of his mouth  &  shall destroy  with the brightness of his coming :  Even him whose coming is after  the working of Satan with  all power  &  signs  &  lying wonders  &  with  all deceivableness  of unrighteousness in them that perish ;  because they received not the love of the truth ,  that they might be saved.  For this cause God shall send them strong delusion , that they should believe a lie :

January 28 , 2014


Freak Event - or - Fore-warning ??  A 300 y.o building in northern Italy - owned by the Catholic Church - has been destroyed after a ' giant stone ' dislodged in a rockfall , causing millions of euros in damage.  First reported on Jan 28 ,  ( Within just hours  of the Rolling Stone magazine's announcement )  this bizarre 4,000 cubic metre rock fall occurred in  the same weekthe same tiny nation  &  directly impacted  the same religious system  !!  Co-incidence ??  Miraculously ( & mercifully )  nobody was killed or injured in this event - but just like the Feb 2013 Russian Meteor ( when 1,500 ppl were injured but  no-one  killed )  these events  prefigure  a coming global event , when the biblical ' Stone Power ( Lord Jesus Christ )  will return to destroy the corrupt rule of the ' kingdoms of men ' as clearly foretold in Daniel Chapter 2.  How great are his signs !!  &  how mighty are his wonders !!


Mat 21v42-44 The stone  which the builders rejected ,  the same is become the head of the corner . . . The kingdom of God shall be taken from you  &  given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof  &  whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken :  but on whomsoever it shall fall , it will  grind him to powder.


Rev 18v21-24  -  And a  mighty angel  took up ' a stone ' like a great millstone  &  cast it into the sea , saying , Thus with violence  shall that  great city Babylon ( Rome / Vatican )  be thrown down  &  shall be found no more at all  . . .  for by  thy sorceries  were ' all nations ' deceived  &  in  her  was found the blood of prophets  &  of saints  &  of  all that were slain  upon the earth.

January 26 , 2014


As tens of thousands of people watched Pope Francis with two young children release a pair of white doves from an open window as a ' peace ' gesture ,  moments later two birds  -  a large black crow  &  a seagull  -  swept down  &  attacked the doves.  A distinctly ' bad look '  &  quite inconvenient for the man who supposedly has a direct line of communication with God himself !!  It's a  ' Sign from above '  that the Vatican's endless calls for  ' Peace '  are meaningless.  The old testament book of Chronicles spoke both  historically  &  prophetically  of the coming  ' absence of peace '  &  the  vexations  soon to befall  Israel  &  ALL mankind 


2Chron 15v3-7  Now for a ' long season ' Israel hath been  without  the ' true ' God  &  without  a teaching priest  &  without law.

But when  they ( Jews )   in ' their trouble ' ( coming soon )  did turn unto the LORD God of Israel  &  sought him , he was found of them.  In those times  there was  ' NO PEACE '  to him that went out , nor to him that came in ,  but  ' great vexations '  were upon ALL the inhabitants of the countries .   Nation was destroyed of nation  &  city of city  :   for God did ' vex them ' with all adversity

Be ye strong  therefore  &  let not your hands be weakfor your work  shall be  rewarded     : )

January 23 , 2014


In a move that has ' shocked ' the US & Israel ,  Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has abandoned the Mid-East Peace Process four months early , after  secret talks  with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.  This sudden defection ,  to unilaterally seek Russian backing for Palestinian Statehood is described as " diplomatic intifada " against Israel  &  includes intergovernment agreements to  grant Russia access to lucrative gas fields in the region.  The deal is a ' coup ' for Putin ,  having out-manouevred the US & Western interests in Iran , Syria & now the Palestinian bid for statehood.  Was this dramatic visit to Moscow by Abbas  ' the visit ' foretold in Ezekiel 38 , as Russia's Gog now thinks ' an evil thought '  &  prepares for a descent into the Middle East ??


Ezekiel 38v7-9  -  Be  thou  prepared  &  prepare for thyself ,  thou  &  all thy company  that are assembled unto thee  &  be  thou    ' a guard '  unto them.  After many days  thou  shalt be visited :  in the ' latter years '  thou  shalt come into  the land ( Israel that is brought back from the sword  &  is gathered out of many peopleagainst the mountains of Israel , which have been always waste :  but it is brought forth out of the nations  &  they shall dwell safely all of them.  Thou shalt ascend  &  come like a storm ,  thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land ,  thou  &  all thy bands  &  many people with thee.

January 20 , 2014


A potentially catastrophic ' debt crisis ' is looming in Russia.  The Kremlin for the past 5 years has been spreading ballooning debt on its 83 regional governments to ensure the ' federal govt ' has a strong , healthy financial position  ( with small budget deficits & strong currency reserves ).  Fears are now  growing , these debts are so high & unmanageable ( $35 billion in 2010 → $78 billion in 2014 → $105 billion projected in 2015 ) , they pose a threat to the Russian Govt's stability & its control of these regional principalities.  Of the 83 regions ,  63 are expected to need a federal ' bail-out '  or  face default.  Facing this imminent crisis ,  Russia will be forced to seek a  dark & sinister solution  ' abroad '  as  fore-told  in God's Word over 2,500 years ago !!


Eze 38v4-6  -  Thus saith the Lord GOD ;  Behold ,  I am against thee ,  O Gog ,  the chief prince of  Meshech  &  Tubal  . . . .  And   I will turn thee back  &  put hooks into thy jaws  &  I will bring thee forth ,  &  all thine army, horses &  horsemen , all of them clothed with all sorts of armour ,  even a great company with bucklers  &  shields ,  all of them handling swords :  Persia ( Iran ) , Ethiopia ( Sudan )  &  Libya with them ; all of them with shield & helmet :  Gomer  &  all his bands ;  the house of  Togarmah ( Turkey ) of the north quarters  & all his bands  &  ' many ' people with thee . . .  v11  To take a ' SPOIL&  to take a ' PREY ' . . .

January 16 , 2014


Could it be  yet another ' Sign from above ?? '   Rio de Janeiro's iconic ' Christ the Redeemer ' monument has been struck by lightning  . . . ' damaging '  the statue's right thumb.  Officals say - while the statue is struck on average 3-to-5 times a year - the damage was sustained during a severe storm that unleashed over 40,000 lightning strikes ,  among the highest since 1999.   


Exo 20v4 - Thou shalt  not  make unto thee any graven image  or  any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above  or  that is in the earth beneath  or  that is in the water under the earth


Act17v29-31 - We ought  not  to think that the Godhead is  like unto  gold , or silver , or stonegraven by art  &  man's device  &  the times of  ' this ignorance '  God winked at ;  but  NOW commandeth all men everywhere to repent  because he hath appointed  A DAY ,  in the which he will judge the world in righteousness

January 15 , 2014


After years of vile & threatening rhetoric from Iran's President Ahmadinejad , Western leaders have been  falling over themselves to restore ties  &  cut deals with Iran's new smiling President , Hassan Rouhani.  This double-tongued former ' chief negotiator ' for Iran , has carefully crafted a warm , kindly persona to Western media  &  is Iran's ' weapon of stealth ' lulling world leaders into  lifting economic sanctions  &  duping the west with a ' master deception ' over it's secretive nuclear program.   It is the prelude to Iran's coming invasion of Iraq ( en-route to Israel & Jerusalemall fore-told in Bible Prophecy over 2,500 years ago.


Isa 21v2-9 - A  grievous vision is declared unto me ; the ' treacherous dealer ' dealeth treacherously  ' the spoiler ' spoileth.  Go up, O Elam ( Iran ) : besiege O Media ( Iran ) . . . Therefore are my loins filled with pain :  pangs have taken hold upon me ( Israel ) as the pangs of a woman that travaileth . . . Prepare the table , watch in the watchtower , eat , drink :  arise ,  ye princes  &  anoint the shield.  For thus hath the Lord said ,  Go , set a watchman , let him declare what he seeth . . . And he cried , Behold , here cometh a chariot of men , with a couple of horsemen.   And he answered  &  said ,  BABYLON ( Iraq )  is fallenis fallen

January 10 , 2014

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS . . . The ' Hand of God '

A stunning image of a pulsar wind nebula known as the ' Hand of God ' has been captured by US space agency NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR).  The photograph captured by the telescope shows the nebula 17,000 light-years away, which is powered by a dead , spinning star called PSR B1509-58.   So is ' the timing '  of this  sign in the heavens  a surprise , as we witness  God's Hand  clearly working among the nations in recent days ??  From the  Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks ,  to the bizarre death of Israel's iconic ex-PM Ariel Sharon ;  apocalyptic weather events  in UK , US  &  Europe ;  rising fear & turmoil  in the Middle East  &  the dark spectre of Russia's emerging power , ALL  these remarkable events  ( ALL  foretold in God's Word )  serve as a warning  ' to the world '  of the coming ' Time of Trouble '  &  God's judgment on the nations.


Prov 1v24-28 - I have stretched out  ' my hand '  no man regarded ;  But ye have set at nought all my counsel  &  would none of my reproof :  I also will laugh at  your calamity ;  I will mock when  your fear  cometh ' as desolation '   &   your destruction cometh ' as a whirlwind '  ;  when   distress  &  anguish  cometh upon you.


Jer 25v15 - Thus saith the LORD God of Israel . . . Take the wine cup of this fury at ' my hand '  & cause ALL the nations to whom I send thee , to drink it.  They shall drink  &  be moved  &  be mad , because of  ' THE SWORD '  that I will send among them.

January 3 , 2014


US Secretary of State John Kerry returns to the region for the 10th time in under a year , armed with a new proposed framework for brokering a peace deal between Israel & the Palestinians.   Hopes of a historic break-through remain dim as both parties  appear far from any agreement on core issues , most critically , the future status of Jerusalem  &  the West Bank borders ;  with Israel increasingly isolated , facing a threat of boycott by Euro nations & under pressure from the U.S. & U.N. 


Zech 12v2 - Behold , I will make  JERUSALEM ( ' ARIEL '  ' cup of trembling '  unto all the people round about  . . .  In that day will I make  JERUSALEM  a  ' burdensome stone '  for all people :  all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though ALL the people of the earth  be gathered together against it

January 3 , 2014


Co-incidence ?  Just as the MidEast Peace talks intensify extreme weather has gripped nations over much of the developed world.  The UK & Europe have been wracked in recent days by wave after wave of severe storms bringing historic winter blasts , storm surges  & epic flooding.  Meanwhile USA & Canada have suffered massive snowstorms , record freezing temperatures , causing many deaths & leaving the nations in gridlock & chaos.   It is a  foretaste  of the ravages of the coming global storm !!


Isa 29v6-8 - Thou shalt be visited of the LORD with thunder  &  with earthquake  &  great noise , with STORM & TEMPEST  &  the flame of devouring fire. The multitude of all the nations that fight against  ARIEL ( JERUSALEM )  even ALL that fight against her  &  that distress her, shall be as a dream of a night vision ... so shall the multitude of all the nations be that fight against Mt Zion

January 3 , 2014


Co-incidence AGAIN ?!?  Just as the controversy of  JERUSALEM ( 'ARIEL' ) ignites a global storm , Israel's legendary former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon  -  who has been in a ' coma ' for 8 years  -  is suffering critical multi-organ failure.  Despite being a long-time 'hard-liner' against offering land for peace , in 2005 he directed a total withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza for the first time in 38 yrs.  In January '06 , just as was he planning to cede parts of the WestBank Mr.Sharon suffered a massive stroke


Isa 29v1-10 - Woe to Ariel  ( JERUSALEM )  the city where David dwelt !  Yet I will distress  Ariel & there shall be heaviness & sorrow :  it shall be unto me as  Ariel ... For the LORD hath poured out upon you  the spirit of  deep sleep  &  hath closed your eyes :  the prophets  &  your rulers , the seers hath he covered.   The vision of all , is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed

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Late 2013


Mt Sinabung's eruption book-ends a remarkable year of  ' signs & wonders ' in 2013.  Volcano eruptions worldwide have soared in recent days , with no less than 7 volcanoes ( Italy , Mexico , Guatemala , Indonesia x2 , Japan & Vanuatu ) erupting in November.  God's hand IS at work  &  even nature shows  something ' BIG ' is brewing !!!   As mankind also struggles to explain the other perplexing ' extreme weather ' events  plaguing the globe , God's Word ( the Bible ) makes clear  the reason  for all these events


Acts2v19-21 - I will shew ' wonders ' in heaven above  &  ' signs ' in the earth beneath ;  blood  &  fire  &  vapour of smoke :  The sun shall be turned into darkness  &  the moon into blood , BEFORE  that great & notable DAY OF THE LORD come :   And it shall come to pass , that  whosoever  shall call on the name of the Lord  shall be saved.

December 31 , 2013

POPE FRANCIS . . . . TIME MAGAZINE → 2013 ' Person of the Year '

Winning the prestigious Time Magazine ' Person of the Year ' Pope Francis  continues his aggressive ' populist ' drive to galvanise the millions  disillusioned with the Vatican.   Significantly  -  as the  first ever  Pope from the mysterious  ' Jesuit Order '  -  he has stated his ' personal intention ' to reform the church , including an overhaul of teachings on abortion , contraception , divorce  &  homosexuality ,  in a  calculated quest to create a " more merciful " church image  &  lure back the masses to the Catholic Church.


2Thess2v3-4  -  Let  no man  deceive you by any means for that day shall not come , except there come a falling away first  &  that Man of Sin be revealed, the son of perdition ; Who opposeth & exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped ; so that he  as God  sitteth in the temple of God , shewing himself that he is God

December 11 , 2013

VLADIMIR PUTIN . . . . FORBES MAGAZINE → 2013 ' World's Most Powerful Person '

Since taking office as Russia's President in 2004 ex-KGB agent - Vladimir Putin - has steered Russia thro' a stunning resurgence to world prominence  &  continues his quest to restore the ' former glory of the Soviet Union '.  In recent months Mr. Putin has extended his global influence dramatically , outflanking  & outwitting his western counterparts in ' geopolitical crises ' in Iran , Syria  &  Eastern Europe.  Forbes has recognised his meteoric rise  &  ' relegated ' USA's President down to '2nd' most powerful    


Dan 8v23  - In the latter time ... a king  of  fierce countenance  understanding dark sentences , shall stand up  &  his power shall be mighty  but not by his own power  &  he shall destroy wonderfully  &  shall prosper  &  practise  &  shall destroy the mighty  &  the holy people ( Israel )  &  thro' his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand  &  he shall magnify himself in his heart  by peace  shall destroy many :  he shall also stand up against the  Prince of princes ( Christ ) but he shall be broken  without hand

November 28 , 2013


A meeting of enormous importance.  The 2 Most Powerful People on the planet - the Pope ( leader of 1.2 Billion Catholics globally ) &  Mr.Putin Russia's 'iron-fisted' President.  Subject of their talks :  Middle-East crises , namely Syria & Christian-persecution , all against a backdrop of improving relations between the Vatican  &  Russia's Orthodox church.  It is the beginning of an ' alliance ' of mutual interest ( fore-told in God's Word ) - as both strive for involvement & influence in the Mid-East ( & power over Jerusalem )


Ezek 17v7-10 - There was also another great eagle ( Russia )  with  great wings  &  many feathers ( nations )  &  this vine ( Vatican ) did bend her roots toward him  &  shot forth her branches toward him , that he might water it by the furrows of her plantation.  It was planted in a good soil by  great waters ( Mediterranean ) , that it might bring forth branches  &  that it might bear fruit , that it might be a goodly vine . . . Shall it prosper ?  shall it not  utterly wither , when the ' east wind '  ( Christ & saints )  toucheth it ?

November 25 , 2013


As the Philippines struggled to recover from a  ' devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake '  ( Oct 14th )   that killed over 220 people . . .  just 3 weeks later ( Nov 7th ) , the Philippines was hit by the ' most powerful Typhoon ever '  to make landfall.  Over 6,000 ppl perished in the storm ,  which left  incalculable damage  &  suffering.  Then incredibly , just  5 days after Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines , it is hit by  yet another earthquake !!  Please view our video to ustd  WHY  this Typhoon hit  &  WHAT  is coming !!


Jer 23v19-20 - Behold , a  ' WHIRLWIND '  of the LORD  is gone forth in fury , even a grievous ' WHIRLWIND ' :   it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked.  The  anger of the LORD  shall not return , until he have executed  &  till he have performed the thoughts of his heart :  in the ' THE LATTER DAYSye shall consider it  perfectly

November 5, 2013

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