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' Armageddon '


​​​​Behold ,  I  COME  . . .  AS A THIEF 

Blessed is he that  watcheth  &  keepeth his garments , lest he walk naked  &  they see his shame.
  &  He gathered them
[ nations ]  together into a place ,  called in the Hebrew tongue  ARMAGEDDON
  &  there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven , from the throne , saying ,  IT IS DONE.
  &  there were voices  &  thunders  &  lightnings  &  there was a ' great ' earthquake

       such as was NOT since men were upon the earth ,  so mighty an earthquake  &  so great   -   Revelation 16 v 15

Come , my people , enter thou into thy chambers  &  shut thy doors about thee

  Hide thyself as it were for a little moment , UNTIL  ' the indignation '  be overpast
  Behold ,  the LORD cometh  out of his place  to punish the inhabitants of the earth  for their iniquity
  Isaiah 26 v 20

Come near , ye nations , to hear  &  hearken ,  ye people : 

  Let the earth hear  &  all that is therein ;  the world  &  all things that come forth of it
  For the  INDIGNATION of the LORD  is upon  all nations  &  HIS FURY  upon  all their armies

  He hath  utterly destroyed them ,  He hath delivered them to the slaughter    -    Isaiah 34 v 1 - 2


SEEK YE  out of the  Book of the LORD  [ Bible ]  &  read :  ' NO ONE ' OF THESE SHALL FAIL ,

for my mouth  it hath commanded   &  His spirit it hath gathered them [ nations ]  Isaiah 34 v 16




Multitudes , multitudes  in the valley of decision :  for  THE DAY  of  THE LORD  is near  in the valley of decision
  The sun  &  the moon  shall be darkened  &  the stars  shall withdraw their shining
  The LORD  also shall  roar out of Zion & utter his voice from Jerusalem  &  the heavens  &  the earth shall shake

  but the LORD will be  the hope of his people  &  the strength of the children of Israel    -    Joel 3 v 14 - 16

Howl ye ;  for the  DAY of the LORD  is at hand ;  it shall come as  a destruction from the Almighty
  Therefore shall all hands be faint  &  every man's heart shall melt
  &  they shall be  afraid :  pangs  &  sorrows shall take hold of them ; 

      they shall be  in pain  as a woman that travaileth

      they shall be  amazed  one at another ;  their faces shall be as flames

​Behold , the  DAY of the LORD  cometh , cruel both with wrath  &  fierce anger to lay the land desolate

  &  He shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it
For the stars of heaven  &  the constellations thereof shall not give their light :

the sun shall be darkened in his going forth  &  the moon shall not cause her light to shine.
  &  I will  punish the world  for their evil  &  the wicked  for their iniquity . . .

Therefore I will shake the heavens  &  the earth shall remove out of her place ,

      IN THE WRATH  of  the LORD of hosts  &  IN THE DAY  of  his fierce anger   -    Isaiah  13 v 6 - 13


GOD  came from Teman  [ Yemen ]  THE HOLY ONE  from mount Paran.  Selah.

His glory covered the heavens & the earth was full of His praise & His brightness was as the light

He had horns coming out of His hand :  there was the hiding of His power.

Before Him went  the pestilence  &  burning coals  went forth at His feet
He stood  &  measured the earth :  He beheld  &  drove asunder the nations 

  &  the everlasting mountains were scattered , the perpetual hills did bow    -    Habakkuk 3 v 3

For , behold , THE DAY  cometh , that shall burn as an oven ; 

all the proud , yea , all that do wickedly , shall be stubble : 

THE DAY that cometh  shall burn them up , saith the LORD of hosts

    that it shall leave them neither root nor branch

But unto YOU  [ believers / saints ]  that  fear my name

shall the  Sun of righteousness  arise with healing in his wings ;

  &  ye shall  go forth  &  grow up as calves of the stall. 

  &  ye shall  tread down the wicked ;  for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet

IN THE DAY  that  I shall do this , saith the LORD    -    Malachi 4 v 1




But  THE LORD  is the true God  , He is the living God  &  an everlasting king :

at  His Wrath  the earth shall tremble

the nations  shall not be able to abide  His indignation  Jeremiah 10 v 10

The  GREAT DAY  of  THE LORD  is near ,

it is near  &  hasteth greatly

even the voice of  THE DAY  of  THE LORD

 the mighty man shall cry there bitterly

THAT DAY is  .  .  .  .  .         

  a  day  of   WRATH                         

     a  day  of   TROUBLE   &  DISTRESS

               a  day  of   WASTENESS  &  DESOLATION

              a  day  of   DARKNESS  &  GLOOMINESS

                a  day  of   CLOUDS  &  THICK DARKNESS
        a  day  of   THE TRUMPET  &  ALARM

against the ' fenced cities '  &  against the ' high towers '

I will bring  DISTRESS  upon men

that they shall walk like blind men

, because  they have sinned  against the LORD

&  their blood shall be poured out as dust

&  their flesh as the dung

Neither their  silver  nor their  gold  shall be able to deliver them

                                       IN THE DAY  of   THE LORD'S WRATH  Zephaniah 1 v 14 - 18

So will I make  my holy name  known in the midst of  my people Israel

&  I will not let them pollute my holy name any more

the heathen  [ nations ]  shall know that  I am the LORD 

the Holy One in Israel
Behold  ,  IT IS COME  &  IT IS DONE ,  saith the Lord GOD ;

                                          this is  THE DAY  whereof  I have spoken  Ezekiel 39 v 7 - 8

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